NATURAL BEAUTIES Photography Series by Tina Picard

In this world where perfection is the ideal, our society shows us an image of what we should look like. This makes so many people feel uncomfortable with their body, and makes them feel as they have to change it, or rely on some product, makeup and cosmetics, to make themselves feel better.

Over the years I have shot with many models, and while in the fashion industry, we do use makeup almost 100% of the time, I found that models were often more beautiful without anything on their face. So before every recent high fashion editorial shoot, I decided to sit them in front of the camera to snap some shots. I wanted to capture something beyond just the face - an emotion, or a personality trait. And prove to the industry, and the rest of the world, that we don't need any cosmetic to be beautiful. 

Hope you enjoy this series. :) T.

  • * Special thanks to models from the following agencies : Angie's Models, Models International Management, Peggi Lepage Model Scout, Paul Mason Management, Elite Toronto, Plutino Group.