What do I do when I am not shooting?

What do I do on days when I am not shooting? A lot of people have this impression that a photographer's job is to snap photos all the time. This is far from the reality. For example, I can spend twice as much time in front of the computer, editing and finalizing the final photos from a photo shoot, after the shoot itself. And there’s also the pre-production of the shoot (meetings with client, location scouting, getting a team on board and meeting with them, preparing the details of the day etc). A lot of elements are included in a photo shoot, so it far more than just a shooting day!

Also, professional photographers are business owners before anything else. This means there is a lot of tasks that are more business related than photography related that every photographer has to do every day. Answering emails, dealing with the bookkeeping and finances (my favourite), working on advertisements, promotion and marketing of the business, as well as maintaining a social media presence - which is VERY time consuming - are all important duties that a photographer has to do.

The chart below, created by ISPWP, really shows how a professional photographer spends his/her time. ;)